Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bada Bing Student of the Month

Student Reporter: Megan Villa

Another month has passed, and it has once again become the time to pick another Bada Bing Student of the month. The student of the month is picked based on academic achievement. Every teacher can nominate any student they think fits the criteria. Not only do the teachers look at academic achievements, but they also look at the student’s involvement in other extracurricular activities and school functions. So if you see Jeremy Green in the hall way or at other various school functions say congratulations to him for being November’s Bada Bing Student of the Month.

Jeremy, son of Terry and Lisa Green, is a very active student as a senior in Cedar Grove-Belgium. You may catch him in the spring on the golf team, but will also see him at all the numerous sporting events taking pictures for Webmasters, and contributes a lot of time to channel 20 cause of being a member of the media club. His favorite classes include Web masters, band, and advanced Chemistry. His favorite things about school are the teachers and students along with all the sporting events.

When asked how he felt to be Bada Bing Student of the Month Jeremy responded with, “It’s cool to be the one chosen by the teachers as the student of the month.”

Jeremy’s future plans consist of attending Lakeland College and majoring in computer science. Congratulations, Jeremy, and good luck with all your future plans.

Josh Mulloy

Student Reporter: Jordan Dykstra

The number 13 is the sixth prime number. It is the number of wins the football team had as they continued on to state. It is the age at which children become teenagers. Most importantly, it is the number of times Josh Mulloy has crossed the finish line before anyone else in a race.

Last season, Josh Mulloy was playing Friday night football. This year, Josh decided to come out for cross country. When asked why he decided to come out for cross country, Josh answered, "I just love running. But just making it to state for track gave me the idea of cross country. I realized I was supposed to run more than 100 yards at a time." As it turns out, Josh was meant to run 5000 yards and win.

Throughout the season, Josh faced tough competition. At Kiel, many division 1 and 2 runners were there, but Josh ran towards the front of the pack during the race. When he disappeared before the final stretch, he was in sixth place. When he came over the hill towards the finish line, Josh was in first place. His hard work and training during the season helped him in all of his races.

Josh Mulloy continued his winning streak all the way to the state meet. Here was Josh's biggest test. "I felt pretty relaxed, not too nervous," was Josh's statement about how he felt before the state meet. It was true. Josh started off strong and led the way along with Jujuan Tyler from Racine St. Catherine's. With about 100 yards left, Josh Mulloy took off. He emerged from hiding, in the lead and racing towards the end. Josh Mulloy crossed the finish line with his hands in the air. It was over; Josh Mulloy was the new Division 3 state champion.

Josh plans to run during the off season and also go out for track in the spring. Congratulations, Josh!

Veterans Day Program

Student Reporter: Lyndsey Weyker

On Thursday, November 11th, our high school held a program for our fellow veterans. The program showed how much we appreciate the veterans that live in the Cedar Grove and Belgium area.

The program began with an introduction by Joe Sopko, who was one of the few who spoke at this event. He introduced the main speaker, Glen Grothman. Joe set the mood for the program; emphasizing all that our military does for us and inspiring us to reevaluate our priorities. Both Glen Grothman and Joe Sopko had moving speeches that we all enjoyed.

Another person that spoke was Jackie Sopko, who is a senior and the president of the student council here at Cedar Grove-Belgium. She was honored to introduce both of the speakers for the veterans program, and she felt that the program overall was a success. Jackie Sopko said “I thought the program was touching and I’m glad I got to speak and honor the veterans.”

Another segment of our program was organized by Mrs. Mersberger, a 7th grade teacher in the middle school. She selected two of her students to read essays that described what a veteran really means to them. The two 7th graders that spoke were Greg Wenzel and Erin Bagatta.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Press Release

Contact: Darrell Cronkright
High School Business Education
920-668-8686 ext. 523 321 N2nd Street
Cedar Grove, WI 53013 CGB-DECA

Press Release

Students participate in competitive event at UW-Whitewater
Students take home medals and awards.
Selling Event: 1st place Alex Isken, takes home medal, 2nd place Tom Turnquist, 3rd place James Gallagher, honorable mention Amanda Isken.
Comprehensive Exam: 1st place Amanda Isken, takes home medal, 2nd place James Gallagher, 3rd place Taylor Zajac, honorable mention Alex Isken.
Team Event (case study): 1st place medals go to team #2 Tom Turnquist, James Gallagher, and Alex Isken. 2nd place winners were Leyla Birlik, Taylor Zajac, and Amanda Isken.

What did they do?
Students started the day at 6:00 a.m. which is quite a task in itself and headed to UW-Whitewater. Upon arriving at UW-Whitewater students were given a few minutes to prepare for the overall agenda for the day. The first event they competed in was the selling event. In the selling event they were given 10 minutes to prep before facing the judges who will evaluate their selling performance. Dressing up in professional clothing and facing a judge to use selling techniques does not sound like fun, but CGBS-DECA students had a great time. Besides the added stress they all went through, they agreed it was a good time with no regrets about spending a Saturday morning on a school supported event.

The next event they participated in was the comprehensive exam. Students have a choice to take the comprehensive exam or take the CLEP (College Level Exam Proficiency) test. Our students did not take an advanced marketing course so they took the comprehensive exam. Again, the only preparation students have for this exam is to take good notes during class.

The final area in the competition was the team case study problem. Here the students work together as a team to analyze a company’s needs from a marketing perspective. I believe they concentrated on branding and targeted specific marketing segments that the case study problem led them to.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Go Mighty Rockets!

Student Reporter: Jordan Dykstra

Orange and black stormed the bleachers on Friday, October 10, as students, parents, family, and friends gathered in the gym for the annual pep rally. The pep rally is run by the student council, and this year’s announcers were Kayla Eernisse, Jackie Sopko, Jordan Dykstra, and Jake Shanahan. The pep rally started off with the junior/senior band playing “Paint It Black,” “You’ve Said It All,” and “Hawaii 5-0.”

Next, the Homecoming court was introduced. The 2008 Homecoming representatives were freshman Rebecca Stemwell escorted by Brandon Garcia, sophomore Marina Paul escorted by Jared Lucas, sophomore Jackie Bruggink escorted by Tanner Peiffer, junior Mariah Keller escorted by Josh Peterson, junior Stephanie Norman escorted by Joe Bednarek, senior Lauren Otte escorted by Chris Peterson, and senior Ariel Beutel escorted by Randy Zuelsdorf. After a long pause, freshman Rebecca Stemwell crowned King Chris Peterson. Chris then crowned Mariah Keller as this year’s homecoming queen. Following coronation, there was the annual tug of war competition, which was won by the seniors. Throughout their four high school years, the seniors have remained undefeated.

Next, the coaches for each fall sports team came down to introduce their teams and to speak about the season to date. Each individual class then came down for the class dances. Following that, there was a slideshow displaying pictures from the homecoming festivities of the week. After the slideshow, the band played our school song and everyone was dismissed for the parade.

Power Buff

Student Reporter: Mariah Keller

Monday night brought many people to the gym to watch the boys play volleyball. It was the first of the events for the 2008 Homecoming week. There were 10 teams total that participated in the tournament. The senior team consisting of Jarred Lucas, Jason Croatt, Randy Zuelsdorf, and Brandon Garcia won beating the other senior team “Black Lightning” 27-25. Third place was Team Olympia and fourth place was Team Lamb.

At power buff, the boys participating dress up in either costumes or something that they would not normally wear on a daily basis. There were two pools of five teams each and the winner of each pool played for the championship. The second place team played for third and fourth place. This year’s power buff was very intense and fun to watch, and made for a great start to the week.

Sheboygan County Fair

Student reporter: Lyndsey Weyker

Every year students from grades 2 through 8 have the opportunity to send their art work to the Sheboygan County Fair. Of the 188 pieces that were entered this year, 70 took 1st place, 50 placed 2nd, 45 placed 3rd, and 23 placed 4th. The students did an amazing job this year. We even had four merit winners. They were Joe Schueller, who made a sculpture of a snow boarder. Montana Zajac won a merit for her landscape pen/ink watercolor. Another student was Sabrina Depies who won for her animal scratch artwork. Lastly, Erin Bagatta won a merit for her colored pencil duck stamp. Montana Zajac, a freshman this year, said “I feel honored, and I’m glad I won.”

International Walk to School Day

Student Reporter: Brittany Anzia

On Friday, October 10, 2008, the elementary and middle school students participated in an international walk to school day, which in countries around the world, encouraged students to walk to school. Since some students who live in Belgium and Cedar Grove take to bus to school, they took time during their school day to walk a mile throughout the village of Cedar Grove. They started at the middle school at 7:45 a.m. and walked a loop that was a mile long and returned to the middle school at 8:10 a.m. Research shows that young children don’t receive the right amount of exercise, and this is one way to help children get it. The purpose of this day is to encourage both old and young to walk to school. The students thoroughly enjoyed this experience and asked if they could walk to school every day. In April, there will be another walk to school day that the school is going to participate in.

Bada Bing's Student of the Month

Student Reporter: Becky Lemmermann

Congratulations, Jackie Sopko as being chosen for Bada Bing’s Student of the month for October! Jackie, the daughter of Joseph and Julie Sopko, is a senior at Cedar-Grove Belgium High School.

Jackie participates in our schools cross country team and forensics. Jackie is also in the play being presented at our high school in December. She is the president of the High School Student counsel, the secretary for the senior class. She is also the secretary for National Honors Society, which is an organization that recognizes students who have outstanding achievements. Outside of school, Jackie is an avid volunteer at nursing homes in Sheboygan. Horseback riding, pet therapy and 4-H are other activities that she participates in outside of school and in her free time.

History is Jackie’s favorite school subject. Her future goals are to attend either UW-Madison or the University of Minnesota to study political science. When asked why she wanted to study political science, Jackie replied,” I want to major in political science, because I have strong passion/interest in how the law works. I also want to be a lawyer and this major will hopefully help.” Jackie’s advice for underclassmen who also wish to succeed is to do your homework and stay on top of your classes.

Once again, congratulations Jackie and keep up the good work!